Sewing Day with Brenna

A couple of weeks ago I had a sewing day with my niece. I had given her my old (but not that old) sewing machine for Christmas along with a sewing basket full of supplies and fabric. We finally go the chance to use it. I had given her 2 sewing books one of which was My First Sewing Machine Book by Ryland Peters & Small. She picked out what she wanted to create out of the book and choose Lavender bags which she wanted to sell to get donations for Relay for Life.

She picked out her fabrics. I cut the fabric for her with the rotary cutter and she did the sewing.  She also cut the edges on her own after sewing them.

We also made a trip that day to one of your local quilt shops to meet Marianne Fons of Fon’s and Porter Love and Quilting. We had a great day.

Photos are courtesy of Brenna.

Have a blessed day!



How I got started

I decided my first blog post should give you a little background about myself and how I got started in sewing and quilting. My mom sewed when I was growing up and created many things for me. I remember standing on the kitchen table so she could hem a dress that she was making for me. I watched her sew at her sewing machine for many years. I think I was around 10 years old when I decided I wanted to starting sewing and creating things. I don’t remember my first sewing project to be honest. I do remember making an advent calendar that still hangs on my mom’s refrigerator every Christmas. I remember sewing a dress that was for some sort of Christmas show we were putting on for our parents. I remember trying to make a quilt with a panel for my new cousin, my mom ended up finishing it.

In seventh grade one of our requirements were to take Home Ec. In that class half of the semester was sewing and the other half was cooking. I went into that class thinking I knew what I was doing when it came to sewing, which I think actually made me a difficult student for my teacher. I remember making a cow pillow, which did not turn out very well, as I would not check with the teacher and find out how to do something the right way. I would just do it the way I thought it should be done. I did pass the class but I think my ability to ask for help when needed was mentioned on my report card.

In 9th grade we were required to take a Life Skills Class which also included a sewing segment. In this class we made pin tuck pillows. I had no idea how to make this pillow and knew I did not know what I was doing. I took my teachers advice and listened to her, my pillow turned out great.

In my 11th grade year there was a class called Clothing Construction that I took. I remember making a pair of pajama pants, a purse for prom and a bathrobe. All of these things turned out great. My teacher did have to have conversations with me in regards to seeking her out for help and not just doing things as I thought they should be done. But due to her helping me and me allowing her to teach me the skill of sewing I was able to have a pair of pajama pants that lasted me many years after graduation. I was so proud of how the robe turned out, but unfortunately did not use it. The purse was used for prom and then forgotten after that.

In my 12th grade year of high school Clothing Construction 2 was offered to me as a class to take. The Clothing Construction 1 and 2 classes were actually held together at the same time. It gave students the opportunity to work on more advanced projects the second year. When I took my first year of Clothing Construction I watched other students making quilts, so I knew what I wanted to work on my second year, a quilt. I started with a small 9 patch that could be displayed on a tabletop and it turned out great. Then I decided I wanted to tackle something bigger. I started a queen size 9 patch quilt. Now if you are a quilter you probably know that quilts take a long time, especially if it is your first one, and to only be able to work on it during class time for a semester, I did not finish it before I graduated. I did get graded on what I had completed and I took it home. I bought myself a Brother sewing machine for $50.00 at a garage sale and finished the quilt.

This is the quilt 17 years later. It is falling apart, but I can’t seem to put it away some place safe, we continue to use it and it is well loved.

It is coming apart at some of the seams that I did not get at a full 1/4″ seam. The batting is also separating as I probably did not quilt it in small enough sections, but I continue to love it and it shows how far I have come as a quilter.

Put a post in the comments and let me know what your first project was and if you still it.

Have a blessed day!